In "Sheremetyevo" detained goods smuggled iPhone 4 - Cell phone

In Customs officers at the airport "Sheremetyevo" detained a large batch of iPhone 4. This was reported on the website of the Federal customs service. Smartphones tried to illegally smuggle through customs passenger, who arrived from Dubai. The woman crossed the border through the "green corridor". Undeclared devices were found in her baggage. The woman said that in Dubai, she went to rest, and to bring smartphones in Russia of its "asked". Читать полностью -->

on 21 February with the release of the demo Ōkamiden - Cell phones

on 21 February with the release of the demo Ōkamiden - Cell phonesDemo version DS action Ōkamiden come online Nintendo Channel on February 21, according to publisher Capcom. What it will include, it is not quite clear; the publishers promise "to show one of the game levels. Well before the release of the full version for another month: March 15, the game will be released in the U.S. and Canada, 18th in Europe. Recall that Japanese premiered in September 2010. The platform is only one handheld Nintendo DS. Читать полностью -->

Most technologically-equipped hotel in the world was opened in Miami Cell phones

Most technologically-equipped hotel in the world was opened in Miami Cell phonesRecently opened in Miami (Florida), JW Marriott Marquis has raised the bar of hotel service to unprecedented heights by implementing a network architecture Cisco collaboration. The hotel offers 330 rooms and more than 300 staff. The owners of the JW Marriott Marquis decided to equip the building area of more than 7 thousand square meters of the latest technology, and as a result of their hotel became the most technologically equipped in the world. In JW Marriott Marquis applied various Cisco solutions for collaboration: unified communications, digital signage, TelePresence device, and system security. There are at even virtual Concierge. A visual representation of all this gives the video, posted to YouTube on page. Читать полностью -->

The mystery of the Apple logo - Cell phones

The mystery of the Apple logo - Cell phonesThe history of the emergence and development of Apple's interest to many. This phenomenon of "two Steve" written many books and films, but that's a mystery logo remains unsolved. There is an assumption that the character depicted on the Apple logo, nothing else, as "a symbol of sin", which took Adam from eve in the garden of Eden, knowing the taste and sweetness of the blemish. Second, the most common, says that the bitten Apple is the fruit of knowledge, and every man, "biting" science, learns new and leaves a little to himself. Third, the most unexpected version of the origin of the logo is at the same time, and most shocking, bitten Apple is death. The death of the man who was behind the invention of the computer, the first in 1947 he created the "automatic computing device" and came up with the theory of artificial intelligence, Alan Turing. Читать полностью -->

Portal 2 - the leader of the British chart - Cell phones

Portal 2 - the leader of the British chart - Cell phonesThe results of the sales of computer and video games last week in the UK. Sensations has not happened: spatial puzzle game Portal 2 expected took first place in the multi-chart. Game developed by Valve software, went on sale on April 19 in the US and the 21st in Europe. We must help the heroine, through the maze of research complex Aperture Science Labs, to meet again with shitty management program GLaDOS and learn about the history of the research complex. The project came out on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Second place went to console fighting game Mortal Kombat created by NetherRealm Studio and released by Warner Bros. Читать полностью -->

Samsung will release a wireless monitor - Cell phones

Samsung will release a wireless monitor - Cell phonesSouth Korean Samsung has announced a new monitor with a screen diagonal of 27 inches, works without wires. SyncMaster C27A750 uses special technology UWB (Ultra Wide Band): it sends the video to a PC or laptop to the LCD display via a wireless connection. This model supports resolutions up to 1920x1080 and allows you to watch video in Full HD. The wireless signal receiver is built into the housing of the monitor. SyncMaster C27A750 is equipped with VGA and HDMI interfaces, as well as four USB ports: one pair has the 2.0 specification, and the other is 3.0. Through them to the monitor you can connect a tablet computer, MP3 player, printer, external hard drive, and a keyboard or mouse, according to an official press release from Samsung. Читать полностью -->

"1C-SoftClub" will make the game NeverDead - Cell phones

The spread of the game NeverDead on the territory of Russia are the company "1C-Softklab", which became its distributor. NeverDead, which develops the Studio Rebellion, will be released only on consoles PS3 and Xbox 360. The release is scheduled for "winter 2012". In the West, the game will make Konami. In the past, our hero, Bryce Boltzmann, has challenged the demon, but lost. His wife died, and since then, gained immortality, he avenges the darkspawn. Читать полностью -->

In the Internet appeared the video MeeGo smartphone Nokia N9 - Cell phones

In the Internet appeared the video MeeGo smartphone Nokia N9 - Cell phonesIn the Internet appeared the video, which shows not officially announced the Nokia N9 smartphone running the operating system MeeGo. Video posted on YouTube blog Pocketnow. N9 is made in the form of a slider with a touchscreen and QWERTY-keyboard. Also the video shows a fragment of the back of the smartphone with 12 MP camera, used in the N8 smartphone. Other specifications of the smartphone are not reported. Also unknown release date and price. Читать полностью -->

We began selling shooter Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon - Cell phones

We began selling shooter Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon - Cell phonesA console third-person shooter Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon went on sale, according to the publisher D3 Publisher. Yesterday, the 5th, the game appeared only in North America; Europeans have to wait until July 22. Developed a game Studio Vicious Cycle Software. So, owners of consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 going through a series of battles with the mysterious giant enemies, attacking the New Detroit. To live in the world Earth Defense Force is not too pleasant: constantly attack the mechanical monsters the size of Godzilla, with the help of huge spiders, ants and centipedes. Our heroes are trained to fly using rocket backpacks, shoot a few hundred weapons and destroy the whole city blocks. Читать полностью -->

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